Agnetha von Jungfreud

Local Ruler of Hugeldal


Lady Agnetha is a young noblewoman who married into the Von Jungfreud Family. She has been recently widowed and that has left her in charge of Hugeldal.
Disease has left its mark on Agnetha, leaving her scared and cynical. She was once a beautiful woman to be sure, but her face is pocked and ravaged by the Ghoulpox.
She has recently outlawed the Cult of Shallya in the town.


Rupert Spielvogel and Wolfgang Koommezzell of The Altdorf Band conned their way into bedchambers, killed her knight Sir Martin, her dog Molly and proceeded to slay Lady Agnetha who had backed up in the corner of the room screaming.

Agnetha von Jungfreud

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