Artilli Levrellian

Border Prince


Levrellian is slender and of average height, with oily hair and dusky skin. His features are plain and a touch sly, and he dresses to impress in showy robes and capes, heavy jewellery, and an imposing crown.


Born to a life as a mercenary, Levrellian fell in with a tough band and spend many years fighting, killing and spending. His fortune chagnged when he convinced his Fellows to help him sieze the small town of Zenres, situated between the distant Skull River and the Word’s Edge Mountains.
Once he had Consolidated his control over Zenres, he sent his men to conquer surrounding Towns and villages in an ever larger areas. Soon he held land all the way to World Edge Mountains and he dubbed himself Prince and designated Zenres as his Capital.
Levrellian is known as a clever man with who rule more through strategy than sheer brawn.
Recently thought, people say he has become much more agressive and recless.

Artilli Levrellian

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