Bernard Salvatore

Witch Hunter Captain


Salvatore is an intelligent and determined Wich Hunter, he has no calms about using men of less repute, if the end result is for the greater good. Salvatore is well connected and seem to be on good terms with the Aschaffenberg Family and in particular with Markus Aschaffenberg.


Arrived in Hugeldal as part of the expedition lead by Markus Aschaffenberg.

Salvatore is in charge of a small retinue including, Boris Jogrim and Bentley Kramer and Tobias Maxemilion Folkvanger.

In Hugeldal Salvatore became familliar with The Altdorf Band. After discovering their shady dealings, he cornered them made them swear to hunt down The Mysterious F and he assigned Tobias to accompany them.

Salvatore has since then returned to Altdorf.

Bernard Salvatore

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