Brother Maynard

Initiate of Shallya


Brother Maynard is a fully initiated priest of Shallya in his thirties. He travels the empire aiding those in need and opposing evil. Having had a key role in the defence of Castle SchlĂĽsselschloss he is recognized by many as a true champion of the empire.
His white robes are clean but worn his hair is kept short and simple. He is a bit gauntish as he has taken to frequently fasting for several days. While fond of wine women and song in his youth he has taken his vows quite seriously of late. He rarely drinks alcohol any more, generally avoids meat and now only sings prayers to Shallya instead of lewd drinking songs.
In his daily work he wears white robes with a yellow liturgical vestment embroidered with two white doves. When traveling or protecting the wounded and those too weak to defend themselves he wears a full plate armour and arms himself with a yellow shield with a white dove and a worn mace. While mostly a strict pacifist he does realise that evil doers and servants to ruinous powers have little respect for Shallya’s peace loving ways. He has no issues with bringing peace to the violent by use of bludgeoning tools. He has however taken a vow never to draw blood in combat so he strictly wields ony hammers or maces in combat. He considers drawing blood in combat tantamount to paying homage to Khorne.
Wherever he goes he brings with him a collection box for alms to the poor and his book of prayers.
Trained as physician he is never without mild sedatives, medicinal herbs and bandages.


Placed at the doorsteps of a Shallya hospice as an infant he was raised by the nuns in the orphanage. Showing early on quite an aptitude for medicine he was kept within the order and raised to serve Shallya.
In his early teens he developed a taste for women and wine. This distracted him from his duties and prevented him from completing his training in the orphanage. The headmistress had him sent to mother Gretchen at the hospice in Bøgenhafen. Here he found a dislike for the mothers stern teachings on abstinence and pacifism, claiming that he found it impossible to do the lady’s work when constantly distracted by the young nurses ample bosoms. He was sent straight to the grand temple in Altdorf following a scandal with an unmarried noble daughter whom he had been treating for a suspiciously long time.
In Altdorf he spent several years under the tutelage of Matron Mother Ragnhilde. Here he completed his basic training in the arts of healing and basic surgery. Soon after the Matron Mother died of old age and Brother Maynard began drinking again. Soon he was back to his old habits. After a night out, where he beet up the son a prominent burgher who made joking remarks of Maynard’s apparent girlishness for joining the Shallya cult, he was called to account for his actions.
It became clear that the whatever lenience there had been as a result of his talent with healing was at an end. Brother Maynard was told that if Shallya had a place for him he should bugger off and find it himself. Preferably somewhere far from Altdorf, for a while at least.
Finding himself on the streets he headed for the nearest pub.
This new journey required a drink.

Brother Maynard

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