Calcas Dawnbreaker

Senior Warrior Priest of Sigmar


Calcas Dawnbreaker was a devout priest of Sigmar. Usually armed with a great warhammer.

After the Crown of Sorcery was stolen from the Chamber Unbreachable in Altdorf, Calcas was one of the first to pick up the trail into Sylvania.
Calcas fought for the liberation of Wurtbad along with Alberich Von Korden. Unfortunately as Calcas and Korden pressed deeper into Sylvania he was severely wounded during the battle Into Sylvania

Karl Van Hal, his faithful initiate swore to bring him back to the Grand Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf for one last ceremony. Karl was true to his word and bought his teacher to the temple. Alas the ceremony was interrupted as demons of Tzeentch were summoned.

Calcas Dawnbreaker never enjoyed his last ceremony as he fell in battle during the chaos.


Calcas Dawnbreaker

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