Priest of Sigmar


The Sigmar Initiate is a Skaeling from Kleitborg, a fishing village by the Sea of Claws.
He was blessed with the arrival of Sigmarite missionaries, and soon converted from the local beliefs of Stromfels. Learning the secret of reading and writing, he soon had a role to play as well at the Shrine of Sigmar, helping his village in the faith of Sigmar.

All this would soon come to end as Kleitborg was raided by Olaf Warhound and Tuula Bloodhair. Many villages forced into his campaign of war, and in search of some powerful weapon.
The Sigmar Initiate were among the survivors left behind, and keeping to his faith, did his best to help the community rise from the ashes.
Within the same year however, a possessed witch hunter, Tobias Folkvanger returned, holding Crimson Rain. Again Kleitborg was crushed. News came of a larger invasion deep into reikland, and it soon become clear, that no further support from the Temple of Sigmar was due.

In the ruins of Kleitborg, people again began to sacrifice what little stock remained to Stromfels. It was time to leave.


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