Doktor Festus

Plague Doktor of Nordland


Doktor Festus was once renowned throughout Nordland for his medical expertise, as well as his compassion – he charged commoners and noble alike according to their means. His ointments and elixirs eliminated every ailment he set in mind to curing.
Once winter, the Gnashing Fever came to Nordland. Sufferers succumbed to violent, spasmodic fits. The disease even taxed the local priests of Shallya, yet Doktor Festus was determined to find a cure. He locked himself in his laboratory for months, with barely enough sleep and sustenance, but every patience who came to him for help succumbed to the fever. Once evening when Morrslieb was full and a dozen patients had perished in his lab, the doctor fell to his knees weeping and crying out for help.
The image of a white dove momentarily appeared before him, but then decayed into black mist. The canles of his laboratory guttered, and a single voice, sonorous and strangely reassuring, issued from the death throats of those patients he had failed to save that day. Festus was promised the key to curing all sickness, if he would only bend his knee. At wit’s end, the doctor nodded, and his mind was flooded with the blighted lore of Nurgle. When Festus rose to his feet, he had a strange obsession to explore every facet of his new knowledge. The next day, new patients filed in. They died too, but not of Gnashing Fever…
Recently Doktor Festus experiments have come to a halt when the Altdorf Band cornered him in a cellar in Marienburg and Brother Maynard, a priest of Shallya, crushed his head with a dwarven warhammer.


Doktor Festus

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