Frederich von Feschhosen

Graf of Grenzstadt


Frederich von Feschhosen grew up alongside the nobility of Averland and is familiar with their names, families, connections and influence. As second son of Heinrich von Feschosen, Frederich had little inheritence after his fathers death. His older brother Helmuth got the land and the title, probably for the better, since Frederich has shown no capacity to manage anything ever. He inherited a large sum of money which he squandered away within a few years. With no lands or titles of his own, Frederich is in search of a patron if he is going to stay in high society. He relies on an inheritence from his grandmother to survive. Before her death she set up a trust fund which supplies Frederich with 1 gold every month.
The family estates breed prized horses for Graf Friederichvon Kaufman.
A while ago Frederich´s cousin proposed a marriage to Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum, who declined.
Since Frederich´s father served with Marius Leitdorf in the Goblin Wars, the von Feschosen famly supports the Leitdorfs in their bid for the Elector seat.
Last month to pay for hotel and restaurant bills Frederich sold an amulet that belonged to his grandmother. He sold it to Mathilda Durbein by the docks, she says she still has it.
Frederich often frequents the Journey´s End coaching inn to hang out with some scholarly types. He beleives that this promotes a belief that he is intelligent.
Frederich has heards that the outcast character has had an affair with a noblemans daughter. Of course this can´t be true since nobles don´t consort with peasents.

As a result of clearing Badsburg of undead, lighting the bonfire of Carrabourg and almost inglehandedly saving the Empire from a Tzeentchian plot, FRederich von Feschosen was granted the title of Graf of Grenzstadt. Frederich has come a long way from his days as a spoiled brat, he has grown into a resbonsible nobleman who takes his new position quite seriously. Determined not to fail Karl Franz or his new subject, he has brought his loyal friend Castor Cuddlebottom and some others with him to Grenzstadt.

Gathering support from his family and friends Graf Feschosen has gathered a small force of loyal soldiers, he will not arrive unprepared to face the suspect court of the former Graf.

Frederich von Feschhosen

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