Friedrich von Kaufman

Graf Friedrich von Kaufman, Wealthy Minor Noble


Friedrich von Kaufman is slightly over average height and well built. He is 36, though looks a little younger. He has sharply chiseled handsome features and wears a closely trimmed beard, cropped brown hair and a face–spanning handlebar mustache.

Von Kaufman always wears the latest fashions in perfectly tailored satin. As a patriotic Averlander, he ensures that much of his wardrobe is cut from cloth in the province’s colours of yellow and black. Prominently worn around his neck is a chunky silver chain attached to a golden badge decorated in enamel with the von Kaufman coat of arms. This depicts a black Imperial cross on a yellow field. The cross is encircled by a stylised red corona, as if it eclipses the sun.


Friedrich von Kaufman

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