Gerhart Brickle

Dwarf Ratcatcher


Gerhard (strong spear) Brickle (little chunk, short stocky person)

Want some rat for that pretty little party mouth of yours sugarfanny? ohh i’m gonna give you good rat,, all the rat i can stuff down your silken gluttonous throat,, yess that’s it,, oh the rat’s in the hole,, ohh there goes the rat,,, where’s the rat at honey? Where is it? ohh thats good,, ohh the rats are cummin,, ohh yeah the rats are cummin,, oh oh ohhh,, there goes the rat!!! Here you go babe,, wipe all that rat of your face,, cum on,, lick it off your teeth hon,, suck the rat dry,, ohh yes, that’s all the rat!!

Com on ziggy,, gotta go now,, jobs over,, everyone’s happy,, are you happy babydoll? oh yeah off course I’ll see you again,, don’t worry lover lover,, off course I’ll be back,, Gerhard takes care of all his special ladies you know,, riiight,, see ya soon pretty!!

Gerhard leaves the tent,, stretching his legs and arms,, he yawns,, ahh ziggy boy, not a bad way to start a crusading life ehh? whatta you say? ‘You proper hungry ziggy? Well it’s not my fault the lady didn’t have no money to pay us!! all right then, let’s go see if we can make us some proper copper to feed that gut of yours,, just heard that there might be a greater rat infestation goin on at the centre of the camp,, ready for a little huntin ziggy? Come on, lets go get you a proper bone and some grub for me,, perhaps we just might get lucky today,, again! Gerhard janks ziggys ears and ruffles its fur and they stroll merrily towards the centre of the camp. ..

Gerhard is the son of the infamous dwarven prostitute and bordello owner Sugarhole Molly. Literally born and later raised on the meanest streets of Altdorf Gerhard is tough as nails and streetwise beyond his years. Despite her many many shortcommins’ Sugarhole Molly did one smart thing for her only son,, she sucked dick like no dwarf had ever sucked dick before. Scraping together every copper she earned and hustling her way up from the gutter she spent every dime she earned on her only child. Molly knew very well what a child needs to claw its way outta the mean streets and away from an abysmal existence. Molly sucked her way outta the dock areas and closer to the university district. Using her wits, charms, ample bosom and full lips, she secured access for her child to books and scraps of knowledge, stolen, bartered and charmed from many many many a scholar and student.

Gerhard took to the streets along with his mother and conned out a meagre existence in the back alleys and bars. Gerhard is ever watchful of any copper commin his way, and resolute in his approach to life. He wants it all, right now, and in vast quantities. Gerhard took to the drug/sex/crime scene very early in his life and displays a voracious appetite for wanton indulgences and self-destruction.

Gerhard spends most of his days with his pet dog ziggy, making an easy living as a rat catcher and hustler. Amongst his most prized possessions are his notebook, wherein he scrawls down his blasphemous poetry, and his big dick. He’s got good looks for a dwarf and a smooth tongue for the ladies.

Gerhard has recently heard of the crusade approaching Altdorf and has ventured forth hoping to scam whatever kinda’ pussy and copper that pass him by.


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Gerhart Brickle

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