Gunnar Thundrik

Karak Azgaraz Dwarf Agent


Gunnar is a diplomatic dwarf that has spent many years under the employ of a lesser noble house in Averland. When his patron passed away, the house fell into ruin. Gunnar returned home to Karak Azgaraz. However his homecoming was bittersweet. His brother Thord had fallen into shame , taking on the mantle of Troll Slayer to atone for his indiscretions (of which he will not speak). To make matters worse, his brother Belkrum has now gone missing. Gunnar has befriended the Loremaster of Karak Azgaraz by helping out in the archives. With the arrival of the Altdorf Band, it seems there is new hope to locate his lost brother and the shield he was carrying.


Gunnar Thundrik

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