Immoliah Fey




Known under many names, Immoliah has posed as Bubbles, a young and attractive woman with long well kept hair and flawless skin, yet with a flair for enchantments and potions. She ran the “Bubbles’ Bubbles”, a small shop down Wizards Way in Ubersreik. Her main trade was scrolls, amulets, but will at time offer more excotic wares and even lost or forbidden grimoires. She was also known to for her steady sale of Healing Draughts to adventurers such as The Altdorf Band.

Immoliah later assisted Lord Smogg in his invasion of Wurtbad, and as such took control of the city occupation for an extended time. With the liberation of Wurtbad she assumed a new identity as Jessie and joined up with the Averland Fancypants on their trip to Middenheim.

Their arrangement ended when she broke from the party in Talabheim, murdering crewmen on a small ship and the escaping towards Middenheim, assumed to have recovered “The Midnight Scroll” from the temple of Myrmidia, but in doing so exposing herself as Immoliah Fae, the infamous Necromancer and member of The Carnal Conclave.


Immoliah Fey

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