The Death Scarab


To Exalted Lord Ptra, he who walks the sky and in whose eyes the night stars dwell. To your great glory I: Karitamen, Despot of the Conquered Lands, destroyer of Orcs, ruler in justice and master in war, commend myself. To the divine God Usirian, he whom we all adore, I also commend myself. By the reliable stroke of thy stylus may the order for a life of long days issue forth; may my feet grow old by walking in thy divine presence.
I, claim blood of royal descent, spat forth from thy divine matter most High God Ptra. By your ineffable will, I have been brushed by the silver feathers of learned Tahoth. I who learnt well the ways of the stylus, yea, and the scrolls of my forefathers, serve and shall ever serve the invincible King of Kings Amenemhetum he who is called “The Great.”
By his will have I this, my kingdom, carved red from the hands of the Green Races. For, from my first step upon my lands, I have laid them low with my own sword, when all others fled in fear, I have stepped forth to battle. Full 10,000 I slew with mine own blade. I who know no defeat have driven the Orcs before my war chariot. I who have fed Djaf, master of Jackals, a full 250,000 ears count this the least of my works; for does not Usirian, he whom we all adore, not gather up such with but one breath of his divine lungs?
With my second step, the strength of Geheb’s hounds, my legion, letting forth a great roar, rushed forth and slew full 20,000 barbarian men. I who flayed their pale skin earnt the love of Amenemhetum with this victory, and he raised me up. Thus I became King, and the backs of a full 100 savages were not enough to contain the map of my holdings.
Thus with my third step, the peoples of my Kingdom did love me and called me deliverance and justice. Yea, and the spirit of yellow-eyed Basth moved within them, and they called that should I reign for a full 1000 years it would be too short a time. They named me Karitamen, the King that can not be killed, he that rolls victory before him like the beetles of the desert.



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