Karl Heinrich Weishaupt

Agent of the Von Sapponatheim Noblehouse.


Lean, sinewy, bony and slim build. 196’ tall. 30 yrs old. Jet black hair. Hawk nose and predatory piercing black eyes. Always clean shaven and impeccably groomed. Wears a very well maintained and tailored black suit with long hard black boots. In the chill-season he also sports a long black tailored leather coat. Armswise he always carries a slim stiletto and is usually equipped with his rapier. When travelling in the countryside he also carries a light x-bow and black backpack with matching belt-pockets. He is known to carry and often uses a sizeable magnifying glass. He is also known to smoke quite frequently, preferably using his ornate meerschaum pipe. He abstains from the use of excessive amounts of alcohol.


Born into the Weishaupt family in 2482. Karl’s father was the esteemed professor Adam Weishaupt (Economics faculty A. University), and his mother the very talented opera singer and diva Ursula Hoffmann (A. Opera house). Though 20 yrs her senior Adam and Ursula enjoyed a happy loving marriage that resulted in the birth of Karl’s brother, Manfried, 25 yrs before the birth of Karl. At the one yr birthday of Karl and at the age of 45 Ursula was at the peak of her artistic ability. She had been directing minor shows at the opera for some time, but finally she had been given the opportunity to direct and produce he own original compositions and performances. Her début concert was named “The Mutant of the Spheres”. It aired to sold out seats at the opera house and everyone were aghast with wonder and awe through the first three acts until a catastrophe occurred at the onset of the fifth. While seated in her private box with her loving husband and Karl the birthday boy, something suddenly sparked beneath their seats. Adam and Ursula threw themselves upon Karl moments before a bomb exploded. The bomb took the lives of Adam and Ursula, but their heroic sacrifice saved the boy. No one took responsibility for the terrorist act and every investigation into the nature of the culprits came to naught.
Karl was given into the care of his brother Manfred Weishaupt, a professor of politics (A. University) and rising star within the field of international politics and diplomacy.Under expert tutelage of his loving brother the two travelled the world and Karl was introduced to the intelligentsia and powers that be wherever they went. Having no illusions about the common bile and fobbish nobles that attend universities, Manfred educated his brother by himself. Karl grew up an exceptionally intelligent, observant, cunning and free-spirited individual. Though Manfred could easily have procured a meteoric career within the political circles for his brother, Karl choose otherwise. He wanted to experience the world on his own and set out on a journey to visit the noble houses of the empire before settling on a career. Many a noble tried to persuade the young man to join their house, but not until Karl met with the Von Sapponatheims did he bite. The Von Sapponatheims is a vibrant, open-minded and ridiculously rich noble-house. The house provides for plenty of opportunity for someone with a wast intelligence to move quickly through the household ranks to secure a position of trust, privilege and power. Karl set to work with rigorous diligence and discipline, and was swiftly rewarded with the title of Agent of the Sapponatheims. Karl continues to work tirelessly for the house, and who knows what rewards and adventures lies ahead for a man of such titanic stature and promise? ? ?

Though suffering a minor setback in his plans for a better tomorrow for the inhabitants of the empire, Karl is adamant in continuing his plots and plans. The Ordo Perfectibilists will ultimately triumph and usher in a new era for the empire of man. Karl will continue his studies of the inner workings of the mind of man by applying the powers of witchcraft to his field of study. Karl will try to work as much as possible from behind a network of cultists and business associates, whilst trying to figure out how to use spells of glamour to hide his horrible visage. Karl will be willing to work with Polychromus the Black, but will not turn to the worship of chaos, the dark forces being in direct contrast to his veiw of the future for man. Karls fate is indeed a tragedy, and he will try to make up for his mutation by focusing his brilliant mind and willpower on works of benelovence, charity, the extinction of ignorance and combatting the foul powers of the chaos gods.


To S.v.Sapponatheim:A letter elucidating the major task undertaken by Karl and his comrades in establishing trade contracts with the dwarves and securing the the election of the Baron of Teufeltahl. This is mostly a business document enumerating all the different contacts and deals brokered along the way. This is generally a report on who to talk to, what to trade and how to profit from business ventures in Teufeltahl, the Karagz and the Badlands. This document should certainly make me stand out above the rest of Sapponatheims employees as an extremely well endowed Agent that gets the job done, always keeps focus on the money, and works to the best interest of the Sapponatheim house. A promotion up the ladder within the house, a privy to more sensitive information and trust is also envisioned. The letter ends with a request that Sapponatheim invites the new Baron of Schlusselschloss to a formal meeting and party in Übersreik, the point being manoeuvring elect candidates for marriage into an advantageous position. I also let Siegfried know of my plans to go to Altdorf to enlist for a short time at the university to take my degree in finance. My services will of course be available whilst there! The letter ends with a note explaining the happenings in Hugeldahl, the Jungfreud mayor, and the hiring of Lothar into the service of the S.

Letter to Angelina von Sapponatheim: Generally a light-hearted letter explaining my plans to come to Altdorf, and my hopes on her and I having the time together to frequent parties, the opera, meet interesting people and catch up on old times and new business ventures. I make a point out of stating that though I admire her beauty, wit and charm I respect her friendship and professional work. I also apologise in advance for the irregularity of my letters and give my thanx on behalf of her help in getting us out of Altdorf once the heat came down.

Letter to my Brother: A letter to my brother explaining my hopes on soon arriving in Altdorf to enrol at the department once led by our father. I request that he formalises my application to the university and pulls the right strings to get me where I want to be without any trivial problems arising. I also request that he provides a list of contacts or a who’s who guide to the intelligentsia in general so that I don’t spend too much time on people of ill repute but rather people who could be used to further my speedy rise through the ranks of the diverse university departments and functions. This letter also includes a brief abstract of my Thesis.

The Thesis: Theoretical groundwork for establishing the “Order of Perfectibilists” the main tenants of the order being: to promote the doctrines of equality and freedom throughout society – dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice – perfecting human nature through re-education to achieve a communal state with nature, freed of government and organized religion – creating a republican confederalizing of city-states in The Empire and the accumulation of capital unencumbered by government or church.

Karl Heinrich Weishaupt

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