Leopold Schatterman

Imperial Wizard of Averland


Leopold Schatterman stand 180 cm tall and is a well build man with short black hair and a neatly trimmed full black beard. He covers himself in dark and finely crafted wizard robes and carries a long staff with a seemingly mysteriously ever changing headpiece. On his right hand he bears a big signet ring, leaving little doubt to his position as Imperial Wizard of Averland.
But his most striking features is his eyes, or at least his one good eye, the scar from the wound that took the other, and the spectacular piece of art that replaced it. A garish scar runs over the left side of his face, from the forehead over the eye and cheekbone to the chin. Where the left eye once were, there is now a solid glittering golden eye (thanks to Balthazar Gelt) with a magical rune engraved and no eyelids to cover it. The right eye is light grey, piercing and stern and suggests a fierce intellect, knowledge beyond most and a frightening focus.

Leopold used to be a bulging boyish young man of 140 kg, but recent adventures with much travelling combined with a change in focus, has seen his weight diminish to 95 kg while he has become a man.

Wherever Leopold goes, a slender hunching man follows. He is covered in sturdy black clothes and a hooded black robe that seam a bit to big. His age and height is difficult to discern, and he never look directly at anybody else then Leopold. Leopold only ever refer to him as “Servant”, and if he has a name, it is a secret between them. In all regards Servant seams to be a willing thrall and finishes all sentences to Leopold with “Master”, and had it not been for his obviously lacking intellect and slow mind, that might have seemed strange.

Grey Order – Necromancer
Rank 5 (42 XP)

Strength 3, Toughness 4, Agility 3, Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Fellowship 3
18 (effectivly 17 wounds due to the garish scar)
Talents: Aethyric attunement (focus), Creative thinking (focus), Resourceful (reputation), Blood Pact (pact)
Skills: Channeling (acquired), Spellcraft (3), Magical sight (2), Education (acquired), Resiliance (3), Disciplin (2)
Specialisations: Rank 2 spells, Rank 3 spells, Locate aura, Gauge strength, Resist disease, Resist poison, Resist fear, Resist terror
Actions: Cantrip, Channel power, Counterspell, Magic dart, Eye of the beholder, Veil of fear, Doppelganger, Blade in the dark, Pool of shadows, Shadow gather, The subtle magic, Shroud of invisibility, No, Master! No!, Substance of shadow, Choking shadows, Stormcall
Fortune: Intelligence (2)
Stat increase: Willpower (4)

Prized posessions:
Channeling Staff, Various tomes, Golden eye, Signet ring (Imperial Wizard of Averland), One number of the Sun Society Journal, Sword, Buckler, Lantern, Exquisite banquet cloth


It all seams so long ago… The addictive bliss of eating a perfectly tempered honey coated halfling cooked pie of perfection, the overwhelming desire to stand out in front of my masters by delving manically into whatever piece of academic trivia they pointed at, and the sporadic soft touche of a silver craving tavern wench. Foolishness! Foolishness I tell you!

During my “adventures” with the Averland Fancypants, even though “nightmare experiences” would be a more fitting term, I have come to face some of the dangers that surrounds and lurk within the empire. I know I have glimpsed only a fraction of our enemies and the real threat they pose, and thus I no longer hold the simple commoners illusion that we are winning. We are barely surviving! Every time we “win” we just pros-pone the inevitable annihilation, since every battle leaves us a little more exposed to the next on-slaughter. And I admit the thought terrifies me.

But instead of succumbing to apathy realizing the gloomy forebodings of all these powerful adversaries plotting and amassing against us, I have sharpened my whits blade, and stand resolved and ready to fight. I no longer crave the approval of my masters or the empty pleasure from food and sex. Now my hunger is for knowledge and the power to destroy the enemies of man. I am no longer a meek wizard apprentice, I am the Imperial Wizard of Averland and a master in my own right!

Finally – Ohh yes, it is finally finished! Years of slow study, deep contemplation and hard work is over. And to think I was so close to loosing it all, HAD lost it all… Well now it is found, and I finished it, I wrote my article. I really did it!

Staying up late at night, scribbling, mumbling, cursing and scribbling again, Leopold finished his article to the Sun Society, hoping for recognition and social advancement. Such was his ambitions and dreams, that he even forgot his ever present hunger and craving for pie, while he pushed on to the first light of dawn. When he looked down at the headline, he even dreamt that his work would be recognized as far away as the collages in Altdorf.

A guide to reveal hedge mages (article)
May The Empire be free of individuals carrying out the illegal acts theorized in this article, and may the swift vengeance of the law find them and hold them accountable for their misdeeds if they try. In the name of Sigmar, blessed be The Empire!

Theorizing the possibility of altering how others perceive the effect a medium has on the winds of magic, as well as providing ways to pierce and reveal such wicked illusions.

Leopold Schatterman

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