Lord Skrolk

Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens


Skrolk is a powerful warrior of Clan Pestilens, fully capable of defending his position from challengers. In battle he bears an evil Rod and a book containing all of Doktor Festus research. The latter contains the alchemical and occult secrets he has gathered together over long centuries.


Skrolk is a terrifying sight. His flesh has long ago decayed into rotting tatters. His body is blighted with diseases so deadly only his brother Plague Monks can safely approach him. He clawed his own eyes out at the sight of Nurglitch’s radiant corruption, wishing to see no other creature after witnessing one so glorious. Since then, through the blessings of the Horned Rat, he sees the world again, but only in the purple and greens of corruption and decay.

Lord Skrolk

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