Dr. Lorenz Gasbard

Pharmacist & Fashionista


Stats: strength 2, toughness 3, agility 3, intelligence 4, willpower 3, fellowship 5
Skills: education 1, tradecraft 0, tradecraft 1
Specializations: pharmacist (tradecraft)

1 jar of Dr. Wunderlich Special Lotion
Merchant guilds letter of acknowledgement


167 cm high, weigh 58 kg, has neck-long black and curly hair, light brown eyes and a thin black moustache that hides a minor cleft lip. Besides his size and the flawed lip, Lorenz is en extremely handsome young man that can still pass for a big boy even though he is well into his twenties.

When Lorenz was still a baby his father Jocob Gasbard was drafted to the Altdorf Watch and served during the Window Tax Riots. Some rioter named Felix Jaeger killed a guard, and when the patrol moved in to arrest him, some slayer named Gotrek Gurnisson saved Felix and killed Jocob.
Lorenz’ mother Lilie Gasbard used the widow money from the army to put her through the final part of the apothecary education. After her graduation she met a successful merchant named Augustin Blomfeld who ran one of the most exclusive inns in town. Because of the riots there were less customers then before, so he offered to rent out some space, so Lilie could set up a drugstore. Soon after that they married.

Lorenz was a small and week child and the children his mother and his stepfather had were by all means big and strong. From an early age his younger but stronger half brothers violently harassed and bullied him. This only got worse because his stepfather openly despised him and only pretended otherwise in front of Lorenz’s mother. The only sanctuary Lorenz had was in the drugstore and in books, so he read and helped his mother out as much as he could. The rest of the time he slaved in his stepfather’s restaurant, were he had a knack for serving for the high born and rich. Sometimes he skulked of to chase rats, cats and dogs to transfer his hurt to them, this gave him great satisfaction.

Soon after his 17th birthday his mother got sick, with a foul smelling disease that made her age extremely fast. Lorenz worked day and night to tend to her, and tried to eliminate the smell and stop her accelerated aging. He youthfully believed that would be enough to cure her, despite that doctors laughed at this notion and told him otherwise. A few years after se became sick, Lorenz’s mother died, and that very day he was literally kicked out in front of a laughing mob. He was only allowed to take the merchant guild’s letter of acknowledgement his stepfather had provided, in order for Lorenz to run the apothecary while his mother was sick, before they drove him of with sticks and stones.

Soon after Lorenz had a bit of good fortune, and was hired as an apprentice for Dr. Johannes Wunderlich, who is a legend in Altdorf amongst the nobility. His clinique offers anything from massage, baths and hairstyling to makeup, lotions, perfumes and powders. But fortune seldom lasts and Lorenz found himself slaving yet again. After two years of service it was time for a change…

Character traits

  • Intelligent and charismatic
  • Extremely ambitious
  • Obsessed with beauty, youth and odours
  • Compulsive regarding personal hygiene
  • Easily slighted (especially with remarks about height, strength and social influence) and broods over every slight which is seldom forgiven
  • Vain and crave to rise above others, even if it means putting them down in the process
  • Pronounced sadistic tendencies

Dr. Lorenz Gasbard

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