Lothar Marteler

Did you say reward in gold? As a stalwart champion and defender of the empire, I'm just the man you are looking for!


Lothar and his sister Lana Marteler were raised and hardened in the streets of Ubersreik, carving a way for themselves as orphans…

Lothar Marteler is offering the following services

  • Security assessments
  • Personal safety
  • Securing vital information
  • Retrieving lost artefacts
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Problem solving in general

Lothar is a bold and resourceful adventurer and opportunist. He is a highly efficient personal guard, and can oversee the security of any establishment. As a member of the Altdorf band and a former head of security for several establishments in Ubersreik, no assignment is too harsh. Lothar can be both a though and persuasive negotiator. In addition he is an expert in retrieving information and lost artefacts. When all comes to all, Lothar is a problem solver!

You can book a consultation regarding an assignment with the innkeeper at the Whaling Pig in Altdorf.

Lothar Marteler

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