Matthias Krieger

Witch Hunter of the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar


Krieger wears a breastplate and carries a sword of superior quality and a pistol. A witch hunter hat hangs from his belt and he bristles with holy icons and relics.
On top of his head he wears a heavy iron brazier that spits flames and sparks as he moves.

Krieger is accompanied by a retinue of at least a dozen zealots. They zealots are grim and perilous-looking men, many with shaven heads, religious brands and tattoos or evidence of self mutilation.
They appear fanatically loyal, zealously pious and largely deranged. Most wielding assorted two handed weapons.
Where Krieger goes, they go. What Krieger commands, they do. Who Krieger condemns, they destroy.


Matthias Krieger

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