Siegfried von Saponatheim

Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim. Bögenhafen Noble


From the Von Saponatheim family based on Bögenhafen.

While not the head of the entire family, Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim is the most important member of the family in Ubersreik.

Siegfried has recently married Kayla. The wedding was a grand occation.


Siegfried von saponatheim

Graf Siegfried is a cunning and subtle man, and he prefers to use cunning and subtle techniques to get his way. He’d much rather other people made public spectacles of themselves (preferably embarrassing themselves in the progress) than draw attention to himself. Bribery, backroom deals, blackmail and coercion are just some of the tools he’ll consider using. Graf Siegfried has responded favourably to the Altdorf Band who demonstrate a similar moral flexibility and result-oriented approach.

Siegfried von Saponatheim

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