Vampire Lord


Name: Lord Smogg
Bloodline: Von Carstein
Faction: Carnal Conclave
Mastery: Necromancy, Death Magic, Shadow Magic
Residency: Sylvania
Lord Smogg can pose as a charismatic, though pale man with raven black hair.
Smogg is a creature of considerable age, it is possible he extended his life using Necromancy long before he was given the blood kiss.
While of the Von Carstein bloodline, his sire is unknown. Maybe dating back to the days of Vlad von Carstein, maybe even before then.


During the Storm of Chaos, Lord Smogg crushed the chaos armies in the Battle of the Black Orb.

He has later been campaigning in the World Edge Mountains where he surprised a Von Jungfreud expedition in the Battle for Sebastian’s Discovery and later The Anvil of Doom. This secured him the Second Book of Har’ak Iman, the Mad Necromancer.

Lord Smogg also took an interest at the Black Fire Pass where his forces took part in the Battle at Booming Peak, critical for control of the Lost Hammer.

Using his momentum after victory in the Black fire pass he further sacked cities in Averland, here both
Grenzstadt and Bernloch

Following his campaign in Averland, he has withdrawn back to his homeland where he recently lead an undead force to repel Facesmacher’s Ogre War Band from entering Sylvania at the Battle of the Halfway House and then later made a bold move to take control of Wurtbad, the capital of Sirland.


Heads or Tails Smogg