Verner Merkwürdigliebe

Doctor Verner Merkwürdigliebe


Party: Champions of Cheese
Name: Verner Merkwürdigliebe
Race: Human, Averlander
Career: Barber-Surgeon – Completed
Age: ___
Gender: Male
Weight: ____
Height: ____
Eye Color: __________
Hair Color: __________
Distinctive Marks: __________________________________

S: 3(5) T: 3(0) Ag: 3(1) Int: 4 WP: 3 Fel: 4 Wounds: 13

Talents: 2
Actions: 3
(Healing and Small Knife Related)

Acquired Skills: Medicine, Education
Trained Skills: First Aid, Observation

Equipment: Scalpel (dagger), Hand Weapon, Bandages, 2 Healing Draughts, False Doctors Lisence issued to Grimwold Reifschnieder.
Medical Supplies
1 Gold, 8 Silver, 12 Brass


Verner Merkwürdigliebe aka. Grimwold Reifschnieder due to some unfortunate circumstances in Altdorf.

Verner Merkwürdigliebe

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