Wilhelm Verfullen

Brilliant but Corrupt Doctor of Hugeldal


Graduated from the university of Altdorf a decade ago.
Cultured, handsome man with piercing grey eyes.
He has a very serious demeanor, and little patience for fools without an academic frame of mind.
He recent the Cult of Shallya and conspired with the innkeeper to drive out the cult while blaming the Strigory on the misfortune of Hugeldal.
He has recently had correspondence with a mysterious man from the Nordland who claimed to be a great physician. He went under the name F.
Verfullen is a full member of the Guild of Physicians.


Dr Verfullen was recently captured by The Altdorf Band where he surrounded information and agreed to corporate.
He expressed concern of possible relations to chaos and was worried of the real motives of F.
The last couple of days Dr Verfullen has worked free of charge tending to the sick un Hugeldal Dr Verfullen met his final end at the hands of the brave adventures along with Vaul the Plague Elf. Evidently Dr Verfullen had lost faith in science and turned to chaotic beliefs!

Wilhelm Verfullen

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