Wolfgang Koommezzell

Wolfgang Koomerzell


Wolfgang is consistently seen wearing his purple and black college robes decorated with rows of bones and skulls, small black roses and a golden hour glass hanging over a heavy bound book, strapped to his waist.

He is mostly hooded and prefers to hide his almost bluish pale skin from the rays of the sun. Those who ever manage to get eye contact with Wolfgang find themselves staring into two chillingly cold golden hour glass shaped pubils, surrounded by flikering blacks and purbles.

He sports a wizard’s staff in the form of a scythe, forged with dark magic, through which he channels the winds of Shyish in order to become a most grim spectre of death in battle.

To other people Wolfgang comes across as being quite introspective, uncaring and even cold hearted towards people’s problems in general, believing that people should make the most of this life rather than the next. He often reminds people about their mortality and will publically applaud any news of a death, whereas he will seek a terrible vengance for anyone who tries to go beyond their time.

Being a wizard of the Amethyst Order Wolfgang knows that he will invaribly have the last word, and his scythe-staff acts as a strong reminder that he alone harvests the powers of death, through his command of the winds of Shyish.


Wolfgang Koomerzell was born to a wealthy merchant in Middenheim, who sent him off to study at the College of the Amethyst Order in Altdorf at age 10.

Since childhood Wolfgang has been obsessed with the world of the dead. Following his mother’s death during the storm on Middenheim by Archaeon, The Everchosen, Wolfgang was often found wandering the Garden of Morr calling for his mother, but receiving no answers.

Upon his sanctioning by the College of the Amethyst Order Wolfgang Kommerzell has sought out danger and glory together with his friends and companions of old Rupert Spielvogel and Ziegfried von Königsberg to fight the Undead, the Witch and the forces of the Ruinois Powers, whatever their guise. From young glory hounds without a care in the world over to oathbound servants of Sigmar and the Empire to a bunch of never do wells.

But now times are changing, Wolfgang has ascended the rank of wizard of the Amethyst College. Having completed this feat Wolfgang seeks to perfect his skills in combat and battle so as to become an even more powerfull defender of the Empire. – For Sigmar! For Morr! For the Emperor!

Wolfgang Koommezzell

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