Lanfranchi Triptych

Cryptic Painting


This 1000 year old painting is said to include 3 panels, the first of which depicts the apotheosis of Myrmidia, the second discovered by the Altdorf Band to depict Nagash and the third Sigmar at the Tree of Hope. Each filled with Symbolism and hidden messages.

Panel 1
While the original is lost, a copy can be found at the Temple of Myrmidia in Wurtbad. The fresco painted by Miragliano some 500 years ago.

Panel 2

The original found in Lanfranchi’s tomb in the Abbey of Blessed Aethelbert the Vigilant in Siegfriedhof

Panel 3

Stolen from Flagellants of the Skull by a sinister cult known as Corpus Aeternum, but now returned to the The Righteous Hammers of Sigmar


The Altdorf Band could gather from Priest Pirello in Wurtbad:
The Tree in the Myrmidian Fresco depicts the “Tree of Hope” A copy by Miragliano of the original Lanfranchi Triptych.

Tilean prince Giovanni Lanfranchi was a highly skilled artist and devoted theologian some 500 years before Miragliano’s time.
During the late 15th century, Lanfranchi collected artifacts and scrolls on his crusade into Araby and founded the order that would precede the Fellowship of the Shroud.

One of Lanfranchi’s expeditions landed him in Nehekhara by accident, where his army fought against the Zandri Tomb Kings. Lanfranchi later became a known Vampire Hunter.

Part of the Triptych is buried with Lanfranchi in Siegfriedhof.

Lanfranchi Triptych

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