A Mighty Grudge

A mighty grudge


After successfully invading the lands of Karak Azgaraz, Washnack’s WAAAGH! has moved on towards Schluesselschloss, leaving behind a rear force to keep the dwarws in their hold. The dwarfs however have recived information on this and now launch a surprise attack to break the enemy line, lead by their Warmaster Gromnir “The Boar” Dorisson.
Washnack Gorejaw may lead the battle on a Wyvern. (of course if slain, he will count as wounded and having retreated from the battle)


The Forces of Karak Azgaraz battle against Washnack’s WAAAGH!, using the army list from the Warhammer Armies books, to and equal points value agreed before the battle of at least 2000 Points.


The Game Master will set up terrain. It’s worth keeping in mind that the battle will be fought down the length of the table, in a narrow pass with impassable mountains just off each of the long table edges.


Karak Azgaraz will set up in the Side A deployment Zone. Washnack’s WAAAGH! will set up in the Side B deployment Zone.
Units may be placed anywhere in their half that is more than 12" from the center line.

Players set up simultaneously using secret deployment facilitated by the Game Master.


Roll off after deployment to see which player receives the first turn.


The battle will last for six turns.


The battle is being fought in the narrow pass outside Karak Azgaraz, enclosed by high cliffs. Because of this the long table edges count as impassible terrain. Following the normal rules, fleeing units can force a way through the impassable terrain or disappear from the table (or die trying!). Other units (including reinforcements) may not enter or leave via a long table edge unless they are Ethereal or a Flyer. This means that pursuing or overrunning units, other than Ethereal or Flyers, must stop 1" away from the long table edges.

Mountain pass


Schluesselschloss Impact
Washnack’s WAAAGH! must keep Karak Azgaraz from gaining foothold in the pass, while the Karak Azgaraz must try reclaim some of its lands by breaking through the battle line. Victory is determined based on how many units of at least 10 dwarfs are on the Waaagh! deployment zone by the end of the battle.
Azgaraz Annihilated: Major Victory! The WAAAGH! will no longer need to worry about the hold, and can send extra forces against Schluesselschloss.
0 Unit: WAAAGH! Victory – The dwarfs will not be able to assist Schluesselschloss.
1 Unit: Draw – The dwarfs will break through, but may arrive too late to make a difference.
2 Units: Azgaraz Victory – The dwarfs will break through, and will arrive in time to make a difference.
+3 Units: Azgaraz Crushing Victory – The dwarfs will crush the line and arrive early to make a major difference.
Each present member of the Altdorf Band will receive 1 XP for an Azgaraz Victory.

Butterfly Effect.
By some strange twist of fate, Ziegfried the Forlorn quests may have a turn of luck for the better.
With an orc victory, Ziegfried will gain 1 XP and will either:
- Successfully reclaim his family estate, clearing out the evil that dwells there.
- Arrive at Teufeltal, seeking to redeem his failure to protect the pass against the plague fiend.

A Mighty Grudge

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