Altdorf Band

A dubious group of adventurers from mainly from Altdorf. Currently devoted to saving Karl from evil plots against him.


There are some who belive this group has performed great things, but those who know them likely remember them as anywhere in bewtween Kind and helfull to brutal, obnoxious or twisted mercenaries.
They have left large marks on the world, for better and for worse. But none will know the true horror they faced when they met their end against The Black Witch!

Vaerun Waveracer
Kurgi Balginson
Ziegfried von Königsberg
Matthias Eichmann

Wolfgang Koommezzell
Karl Heinrich Weishaupt

Rupert Spielvogel
Urgan Bhorman
Marcus Strauss
Tobias Maxemilion Folkvanger
Piet van Paling
Gerhart Brickle
Brother Maynard
Dr. Lorenz Gasbard
Gromnir Groinsplitter
Konrad of Altdorf
Rogee la Rouge

Summary of the main achievements of the Altdorf Band:
•The band sucessefully exposed the Cult of the Unblinking Eye operating in the Gruenwald Lounge.
•The band foiled the plans of Cult of the Broken Wheel in Altdorf, and rescued several apprentices of the colleges of magic.
•The band prevented Stormdorf from being overrun by Beastmen, Undeads and Goblins, and they prevented a mad celestrial mage from flooding the whole areas with his out-of-control magic.
•They investigated Hugeldal and stopped a depraved physician and a nurgle cult. They also learned of Dr. Festus, and started their hunt for him.
•In Ubersreik, they stopped a major skaven plot, and they ensured the Sapponatheim political victory and future dominance of the city.
•Heading north after an ancient spear, they learned of the true nature behind Crimson Rain.
•In Marienburg they tracked down Dr. Festus and his cult and killed him.
•North of Marienburg, they discovered a dark elven invasion plot, and warned Marienburg.
•Back in Ubersrerik, the stopped a plot by the Demon Kelsydra.
•The band returned the Lost Hammer of the Clan to its resting place under the booming peak.
•The band organized and defended against an all out Whaaaagh! in the Teufeltal. Here they also foiled the return of an ancient Blood Dragon vampire.
•They pursued Cult of the Three Moons from Hugeldal, through their dealings with the crusade, their base at Villa Hann, and finally killing the leader Reinheart Hann, preventing them from taking control of Karl, and using him as a new puppet emperor.
•They also foiled Major Vampires from fulfilling the prophecies of the Thousand Thrones. The Lamians in trying to kidnap Karl and bring him to the Silver Pinacle. The Necrach in killing Karl. The Strigoi in kidnapping Karl and the Von Carsteins in binding Karl’s soul.
The Altdorf Band will be remembered in Marienburg as those who killed Dr. Festus and for their efforts against the Dark Elves.
They will be remembered by the Collages of Magic for saving many apprentices, several of which are now Wizards of some Significance.
They will be remembered by the Temple of Sigmar for their assistance in returning Volkmar the Grim to the position of Grand Theogonist, and indeed by the dwarves as brave fighters, and loyal friends.
And no where will their glory be greater than in Ubersreik, where they were intrumental to the rise of von Sapponatheim and many things more.

Altdorf Band

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