Army of the Grey Banner

Forces of Karak Azgaraz move in to save a small Reikland city near the Grey Mountains. The city of Hugeldal is under siege by demonic forces, and this last effort to save the city would be known as The Battle of Hugeldal.

Hugeldal is a small mining city, with a relative large dwarf community. Recently runners have arrived to Karak Azgaraz with report of forces of chaos approaching the city. The city is also a strategic location as Chaos occupation of Hugeldal would effectively block all trade between Karak Azgaraz and the rest of the Empire.

The army of the Grey Banner is max 1000 Pts. following all normal restrictions.

Any special rules will be revealed just before the battle.

Note: The Dwarf forces will be accompanied by allies that will include at least 1 wizard.


  • While the The Famine Fiend is a Greater Demon of Nurgle, it has several secret rules and restrictions.
  • The Famine Fiend represent a lot of Fortitude points.
  • Don’t forget the battle can stretch up to 10 turns.
  • Never forget your grudge!

Army of the Grey Banner

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