Battle of Altdorf


The forces of House Shar’La is at the gates of Altdorf, but the Capital of the Empire stands strong. In secret House Shar’La has been preparing a surprise attack on the smaller Merchant Gate and is preparing their concealed siege engines. Fortunately Volkmar has seen himself defending the Merchant Gate in a vision from Sigmar and has demanded a sizable force of Sigmarite Templars support him in bolstering the defenses immediately. But Sigmars will does not always happen in Altdorf. Grand Theogonist Esmer suspect this is a move by Volkmar to usurp command of the militant arms of the Temple and has therefore declared Volkmar’s visions to be false messages from the Dark Gods.
Volkmar however undeterred by Esmer’s move have turned to the Dwarves of Altdorf for assistance. With the aid of Sigmarites with the courage to still follow Volkmar and a sizable Dwarven host, Volkmar sally forth from the Merchant Gate in order to destroy the concealed siege engines before they can reach the walls.




- 4000 Pts: House Shar’La Siege Force.
The surprise move by Volkmar has one obvious flaw. He is dependent on moving his men through the Merchant Gate. If the dark elven forces can reach the gates in the heat of battle, not only would they be able to block off Volkmar’s retreat, but they would also be able to pave the way for the main invasion force.


- 2000 Pts.: Grand Theogonist Volkmar’s Army
The Dark Elven Siege Engines are protected by an elite host of dark elves. Taking out the siege engines and destroying this host, will cripple the Dark Elven offence. Moreover, it would leave their northern flank open, and force them on retreat. Of course this would also strengthen Volkmar’s claim to the position as Grand Theogonist of Altdorf.
- 2000 Pts.: Dwarven Host
The Dwarves have little love for elves in general, but as of late their real issue is with the Nuln Gunnery School that had the nerve to claim that their skills with cannons now surpassed that of the dwarves! This opportunity will not only save the city, but it will also once and for all silence the Nuln Gunnery School. Besides it would be good to see Volkmar back. He is a good laddie!


The terrain is set up as described on page 142. Then roll to see which player picks table edge. When table edge has been determined, proceed to set up Defensive Positions, Altdorf Gate and the Siege War Machines.

Defensive Positions

After the sides has been picked, each army may further deploy two fences, reflecting that both forces are fairly well dug in.

Altdorf Gate

One building must be placed in very back center of the Altdorf Deployment zone to represent the Merchant Gate.

Siege Ballistae

5 Tokens must be placed min 10" apart in the Dark Elf deployment zone representing the Siege War Machines


Roll off to see which player


Roll off after deployment to see which player takes the first turn. The player that finished deploying his army first adds +1 to his roll.


6 Turns


The Merchant Gate

The Merchant Gate may be controlled by one unit inside the building. The building count as a two-story building.

The Siege War Machines

The War Machines are under the control of House Shar’La unless destroyed. They can only be destroyed in close combat, however as most of their crew are slaves, it is only necessary to kill the slave master, who is hit and killed automatically in close combat. Destroying these tokens will not cause panic tests.


Use victory points to determine the winner of the battle, as described on page 143. In addition special points are awarded:

The Merchant Gate

The army controlling the Merchant Gate by the end of the battle is awarded 1000 Victory Points.

The Siege War Machines

Each surviving Siege War Machine award House Shar’La with 200 Victory Points
Each destroyed Siege War Machine award Altdorf 200 Victory Points


There are several members of the Altdorf band they may take an interest in the activities of Grand Theogonist Volkmar and House Shar’La. The following opens an option for a stronger link to the Journals of the Altdorf Band

Provided the City of Altdorf field Special Character Volkmar, City of Altdorf have the following additional options:

The Altdorf Band
0 Points: Matthias Eichmann
  • Witch-Hunter
  • Sword of Striking
  • Charmed Shield
  • Brace of Pistols
  • Potion of Strength
0 Points: Wolfgang Koommezzell
  • Level 3 – Lore of Death
  • Dark Magister – May roll 1 of his spells on any of the 7 other schools.
  • Channeling Staff
  • Mutant – 6+ Armor Save. May not join units. May treat allies as enemies.
  • Nail Clipping of Morr – 6+ Ward Save on first wound
  • Crimson Rain: +1 Strength, Armor Piercing, Devastating Charge.
  • S’iab’aht: Once a wound is scored with Crimson Rain, Wolfgang no longer count as a wizard. But instantly gain Hatred and Frenzy. (The Frenzy attack may be made immediately)
0 Points: Ziegfried the Forlorn* (If Møller is present)
  • General of the Empire (may not be general)
  • Warhorse with Barding
  • Full Plate Armor
  • Great Weapon
  • Shield
  • Healing Potion

However any fleeing or “killed” characters may end up on slave duty for House Shar’La!

Battle of Altdorf

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