Champions of Cheese

The Champions of Cheese are well equipped, and they did not come to earn their name for the actual trade of cheese they do.

The Champions of Cheese are:


The Campions of Cheese really started of their adventures with a trip Through the Drakwald, believe it or not, the Drakwald forest. Here they were accompanying the surviving inhabitants of Untergard (sacked during the Storm of Chaos) towards Middenheim, trying to outrun a warband of beastmen.
South of Middenheim, the campions were put in the employ of Henri-Philippe Rocheteau, the Mayor of a small village, Pritzstock, who sought assistance against screaming skulls. This lead to quite a bit of investigation while several factions were moving about and none of them seemed have a golden halo about them that the champions could use as a gauge in determining how they should act towards other events.
For Love or Money was a brief adventure in and about the small town of Mittleresdorft. Once again, the party found themselves under the employ of a powerful man, in this case, Bela Dustermann, a merchant who seeks the party out to aid him in recovering his daughter. Of course everything was not as it seems, especially as the daughter was apparently pregnant.
The party also came across The Haunting Horror while getting deep in a typical haunted house scenario. They did manage to escape though.
Needing a good rest, they instead received a Rough Night at the Three Feathers, before travelling onwards.
They later had a stay with the Vonreuters. A depraved family in a remote mansion. Both Sothelin Vonreuter and his sister Anya Vonreuter would come to influence their future in the time to come.
Lastly the party got to Sing for your supper in another adventure that pitted the characters as investigators and demands that they use more than mere swordplay to discover what is happening with a particular brand of sausage. It would show that evil isn’t always wearing big spiky armor and that innocents are often victims in the crossfire.
After having enjoyed plenty of sausage, the band began their investigations of a child in Marienburg, now hired by Anya Vonreuter and her new Mistress. This lead the party into the swamps north of the city to uncover where he had been found, trips to orphanage and the more shady areas of Marienburg. After uncovering nurgle cultists seeking the child, they set off in pursuit of the child and his crusade.
The party then arrived as Pfepheldorf, where investigations ended in bad attempt to murder various citizens, set houses on fire, while suddenly being attacked by an ancient Vampire, Wilhelm Hollenbach likely a Blood Dragon and a third faction of savage flying vampiric beasts. The party fled into the forrest and gave up on their adventures from there.

Now they enjoy a steady income from trade with cheese combined with a healthy dose of smuggling goods from Bretonnia. The “Campions” prefer to only engage opponents that are at a severe disadvange. They prefer heavy armor, larger weapons, shooting at range. Whatever can give them the upper hand. When in an advateous position, they enjoy insigating fights with insults or other means of baiting.

Champions of Cheese

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