Although officially under the jurisdiction of Marienburg, Fauligmere is so impoverished and remote that it is all but forgotten. It’s so remote, in fact, that several maps show conflicting locations of the town.

Fauligmere is ruled by Baron Eldred von Stauffer

The only inn can be found at the Town Square: The Three Hogs

Various Townfolk of Fauligmere include:
Father Anders (Sigmar Priest)
Lady Theodora von Stauffer (Noble)
Baron Eldred von Stauffer (Noble)
Baroness Wandelina von Stauffer (Noble)
Envoy Voluria (High-Elf Envoy)
Thomas de Goede (Inn-keeper)
Emma de Goede (Inn-keeper’s wife)
Pirn van Beek (Injured brave young man)
Saskia van Oort (Healer)
Bram Wiegers (Smith)
Claes van Berkel (Fisherman)
Nadia van Berkel (Fisherman’s wife)
Seth Reizbar (Shoemaker and Tinker – Sigmarite)
Steffan Visser (Octopus hunter)
Piet van Paling (Boatman)
Father Salzig (Manann Priest)


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