Fauligmere Defenders

Fauligmere is a small fishing village in decline. Now it face it’s greatest challenge as Dark Elf forces are advancing. Fauligmere’s location is of strategic importance, since it block river access to the Mouth of Moor. Should Fauligmere fall into Dark Elf control, they would have secured passage around Marienburg, allowing them to deploy an invasion army into the heart of the Empire… Altdorf. The Fauligmere Defenders must at all cost hold the city and if possible collapse the Mouth of Moor

The Fauligmere Defenders are part of The Battle of Fauligmere Scenario


The Fauligmere Defenders is max 1750 Pts. following all normal restrictions.
- No Special Characters
- The Fauligmere Defenders must include Baron von Stauffer as General
- The Fauligmere Defenders must include Krieger’s Zealots now commanded by their prophet of doom: Klemens Geier (1 unit of flaggalants)


- The Fauligmere Defenders will be accompanied by The Heros of Fauligmere. They include at least 1 Amethyst wizard.
- The Fauligmere Defenders will be aided by The Grevenfeld Company


When planning a force to defend Fauligmere there are a few things to consider:
- Cannons are critical in order to blow up the Mouth of Moor
- The Cursed Marches is a desolate swamp, any war machines, heavy cavelry or engines may have trouble through the marches.
- Some boats will be available to transport war machines, but the use of them will be limited while on the boat.

Fauligmere Defenders

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