The city has traditionally been ruled by a representative of the Elector Count, the fortress-town of Grenzstadt guards the western end of the Black Fire Pass, and the Old Dwarf Road passes through it. Grenzstadt is a centre of the fur, gem, and metal trade, with a large guild market and warehouses within its walls. Not surprisingly, the town has a relatively large Dwarf population, perhaps ten percent in total. They act as trading agents for their clans and provide high quality services for those who can afford their prices. Tavern gossips also says they keep watch on local activities, looking for those who plunder Dwarf property and try to smuggle it to the Empire. These same wags also claim this explains the recent disappearance of several miners who bragged of a “big new strike” in the hills.

Grenzstadt is located in the south-central and eastern portions of the country, and the cattle raising partly give way to viniculture and winemaking, as the country there is more suited to the growing of quality grapes than in most parts of the western Averland. Grapes are either pressed and the wine made on the estates, or the grapes are transported to nearby towns where brokers will sell them to local Wine makers. Famous and infamous Averlander wines includes the Grenzstadter White, which fetches high prices in Marienburg where it is the fashion, and Longingbruch “Ruby” Wine, which is produced quickly and cheaply and is popular with discerning beggars from Nuln to Carroburg.

The city has been under the rulership of Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen over the last few year, but has already seen struggles. Theodosius is known for repelling an undead attack on the city and had since introduced a good number of changes to his court.

Unfortunately Theodosius was killed when a wagon with Pilshnac Peculiar (or rather gunpowder) exploded on Templeplatz in Altdorf. The Emperor has since granted Frederich von Feschhosen the title of Graf and rulership of the city.


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