Heros of Hugeldal


After diseases has spread both within Hugeldal itself and south of the city, the forces of the plague fiend has grown strong. They now spread up towards the city itself and the Heros and their Dwarf Allies must make a final stand to save what is left of the city.


The Heros join Battle of Hugeldal in a daunting effort to slay the Plague Fiend and hopefully save the city. It is a desperate last stand. Slaying the plague fiend is a critical objective. Not only is it likely to turn the tide of the battle, but it is also a major nemesis in Reikland belived to be under control of the mysterious F. Any player dealing the death blow to the Plague Fiend will receive a bonus XP.


The Heros must use the Conversion Table below to create their charactes. The Heros of Hugeldal have no point values.


The Heros may exit the battle in a number of ways:

  • Death: If slain in battle, immidiatly roll on the Hero Death Table
  • Flee: If a hero leave the battle field or flees out of the battle field roll on Heros Survivor Table.
  • If the heros are still alive at the end of the battle roll on the Heros Survivor Table

Write your stats here



M = 4
WS = St+Ws
BS = Ag+Bs
S = St (max 4)
T = To (max 4)
I = Ag
A = 3 (Wizard 1)
W = 3 (Wizard 2)
Ld = Wp+Fel

Magic Level = Rank

Equipment granted at start of battle based on character equipment


Healing Draughts:
A character may use his healing draughts during battle. One healing draught will restore 1 wound.

Nail Clippings of Morr:
Grants a 6+ ward save on the first wound suffered.

Amulet of the Bear:
Looks impressive.

Attuned Staff:
Grants +1 on channeling attempts


All Heros may march even if they have enemies within 8"

Urgan’s Sheild Slam:
Maybe be used in beginning of combat to cancel one attack from an opponent in base to base contact with Urgan.

Max’s Desperate Prayer to Sigmar:
Maybe be used once per battle at the beginning of Max turn when he either has only one wound left or if he is the last Hero on the battlefield. For the next two game turns all max attacks cause D6 wounds.

Wolfgang’s Acceptance of Fate:
Any unit joined by wolfgang and heros within 6" are immune to fear and terror.

Ziegfried’s commanding presence:
Any unit joined by ziegfried and heros within 6" receive +1 leadership to a maximum of 10.
Heros within 6" may treat ziegfried as Battle Standard.

Rupert Spielvogel’s Dirty Tricks:
Rupert may always elect to flee from a fight, even if we won the combat.
Once per battle Rupert may accept a challenge, fight as normal and count towards combat resolution. Any wounds received by Rupert or the opponent are then negated.


Roll d6
1: No Effect. You are fine
2: Bruised and Battered: Suffer 1d6 Light Wounds
3: Badly Injured: Suffer 1 Serious Wounds
4: Take 1 Corruption (2) check
5: Take 1 Disease(2) check
6: Shake off 1 Temp Insanity


Roll d6
1: Bruised and Battered: Suffer 3d6 Light Wounds
2: Badly Injured: Suffer 1d3 Serious Wounds
3: Suffer 1d3 Corruption
4: Suffer 1 Disease
5: Suffer 1 Permanent Insanity
6: Roll Twice. Reroll 6s


Roll after battle to receive game XP
Roll d6 + Turn of Arrival
2-7 : Gain 1 XP
8+ : Gain 0 XP

Heros of Hugeldal

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