Settlement: Hugeldal
Size: Small Mining Town
Ruler: Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud+
Local Ruler: Helmut von Saponatheim
Population: 250
Wealth: Level 3
Source: Iron, Copper

+ While Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud formally is in control of the city, recent events are likely to change that. The city is as such under Graf Siegfried Von Saponatheim control.

Hugeldal was founded around 300 IC to take advantage of the banded iron deposits and copper ore found in the Grey Mountain foothills south of Ubersreik. The locals claim it was expanded during the reign of Sigismund II to help meet his demands for chainmail and spearheads.

Hugeldal has suffered a decline in the last century. The original mines have become a sprawling complex of passages and few miners work them as it required a dangerous trek to find deposits of ore. Other mines have been opened nearby, but Hugeldal remains home to most of the miners who work in the area.

The turn is not farm from Ubersreik, and ostensibly falls under the rule of the Von Jungfreud family. They maintain a limited presence here, but mostly with the display of an impressive townhouse.

The town was recently ravaged by Ghoulpox. Lady Agnetha von Jungfreud and her son Leos survived.

Hugeldal has a ramshackle, hastily constructed appearance despite its age. Most human dwellings in the town are constructed from timber planks and boards, though the small dwarf quarter and more important buildings, such as the hospice and manor house, are constructed largely from stone.

Recently hard times have fallen upon Hugeldal. Areas of blight are spreading to the South, and Beastmen have been reported to move throughout the stricken region. As result, Hugeldal is currently home to a small but highly agitated community of refugees.

Locations of interest:

  • Military Camp of the Grey Banner
  • The Town Manor House
  • Kramer’s new alchemy shop
  • Dr. Verfullen’s clinique
  • Strigory and Sick Camp
  • Burned down carnival wagons
  • Garden of Moor
  • Shallya Hospice
  • Temple of Sigmar
  • Temple of Verena
  • Hidden Shrine of Ranald
  • City Gates
  • Bucket of Blood
  • Market Square
  • Dwarf Section
  • The Mines
  • Local Smithy
  • Imperial Engeneers Workshop


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