Von Bruner

Since Ubersreik was declared a free city forcing the Von Jungfreud Family to give up their powerful positions within the city, the Von Bruner family has pretty much filled the power vacuum and has been the major player in Ubersreik.

The Von Bruner is an established noble family, but recent events has caused some trouble. A year ago Ludmilla von Bruner and Rickard Aschaffenberg married and settled at the Grunewald Lodge. Here Rickard uncovered a chaos cult implicating the previous owner Andreas von Bruner, with the help of a few friends. Obviously this has cast a shadow over the von Bruner reputation.

Head of Family:
- Heissman von Bruner

Other members:
- Leopold von Bruner

- Agnetha von Jungfreud
- Ludmilla Ashaffenberg

Von Bruner

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