Von Saponatheim

The von Saponatheims are from Bögenhafen. Graf Wilhelm is the ruler of that city.

Head of Family:
Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim

Known members:
Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim
Countess Kayla von Saponatheim
Helmut von Saponatheim
Angelina von Saponatheim

The family have extensive ties to merchant guilds throughout the Reiksland. They are clever, even insidious, and use guile and wealth to get what they want. They are know to favor people who are clever, hopeful and morally flexible.

The von Saponatheims control a large swathe of the Reiksland and a major portion of the trade across the gray mountains. A large and fertile family, they are always looking to expand their holdings

Von Saponatheim

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