Von Schluessel

The Barons of von Schluessel have called Schluesselschloss their home for many generations. Despite it’s spectacular location, the castle itself is not particularly impressive. It is more a jumble of walls and towers from the last 800 years, a mishmash of stiles, material and quality.
A wall runs around the perimeter studded with towers, but apart from that logic there seems little rhythm or reason for it’s design. Many of the rooms of the castle are actually cut our of the rock and borrow quite deeply into the spike.


They have income from the Teufeltal and some some estates around Ubersreik. They are also paid a generous stipend by the burghers of Ubersreik who are well aware of the vital strategic position of the castle. The von Schluessels generally hold their family duty to defend this castle very seriously indeed. The von Schluessel coat of arms is a white tower on a blue field and the family motto is “Remember the Schluesselschloss”.

Head of Family:
- Baron Harald von Schluessel

Family members:
- Baroness Matilde von Schluessel
- Erik von Schluessel – First Born Son
- Matthaus von Schluessel – Younger Son

Notable Characters:
- Reinhart Blickstein – Steward
- Pansy Spoonbill – Captain
- Martin Schatz – Sergeant
- Andreas von Averbach – Knight

Recent Events:
With the Von Saponatheim takeover of Ubersreik, the von Schluessels were looking forward to increased profit, given the business savvy of Siegfried von Saponatheim in his new position. All these hopes were utterly destroyed as events took a turn for the worse.
The regular patrols dispatched from Altdorf never arrived, and shortly after the pass were under siege from the demonic forces that sacked Hugeldal. While Schluesselschloss never came under direct attack, all trade was cut off until the Von Jungfreud managed to dispatch an army out of Nuln to drive the enemy north towards Stromdorf. Baron Harald von Schluessel fully regretted that the more militant Manfred von Holzenhaur had not won Ubersreik. Instead he now looks favorably towards the Von Jungfreud. Things were more stable back then they had control with the city, and they did just clear the trade routes recently. With the re-opened trade routes gold has begun to tickle in once again.

Following the extraordinary achievements of the heroes of the Empire, The Altdorf Band, the balance of power and influence seems poised to shift once more. The involvement of the most favoured and trusted allies of the Von Sapponatheims agents in defending the Schluessel family from utter destruction has gone a long way in once again stabilising good relationships betwixt the two houses. The Heroes of the Empire’s personal endeavors to elect the current Baron and secure the familys holdings is a debt not easily repaid. Furthermore, saving the life of the old Baroness and placing the head of the Waargh Lord and the crumbling remains of an ancient Vampire Lord into the hands of the Schluessels’ leaves little questions towards the resolve of the new Baron and his personal friends, The Altdorf Band. A certain esteemed Gentleman and Scholar of the Sapponatheim house has worked dilligently to stabilise and make firm future trade relations across the Pass, and the vast fortunes of Übersreik and the Sapponatheims are once again available to heal the war torn contryside and fill the coffers of the respective merchanthouses…..

Von Schluessel

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