Von Tuchtenhagen

The von Tuchtenhagens were elevated to the status of nobility short century ago by Emeror Matthias IV and strive to obscure their memory of their mercantile origins.
When Volker von Tuchtenhagen was slain in a duel, his mother died in grief and the younger brother Theodosius suddenly found himself head the the family.

The von Tuchtenhagens hold court in Grenzstadt in a heavily fortified townhouse not far from the dwarf quarter.

Recently Theodosius’ advisor Gunther Hemmelmann was slain in battle in the Black Fire Pass. People say Theodosius has never been the same ever since.

Known members:
- Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen
- Dagoberdt Gabor
- Hogweed (Jester)
- Marius von Tuchtenhagen
- Sibyl du Valle
- Wanda (Lady in Waiting)

Von Tuchtenhagen

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