Heads or Tails

Journals of The Averland Fancypants

The year is 2525 after Sigmar. The World is dying, but it has been so since the coming of the Chaos Gods.

For years beyond reckoning, the Ruinous Powers have coveted the mortal realm. They have made many attempts to seize it, their anointed champions leading vast hordes into the lands of men, elves and dwarfs. Each time, they have been defeated.

Until now.

In the frozen north, Archaeon, a former Templar of the warrior god Sigmar has been crowned the Everchosen of Chaos. He stands poised to march south and bring ruin to the lands he once fought to protect. Behind him amass all the forces of the Dark Gods, mortal and demonic. When they come, they will being with them a storm such as has never been seen. Already, the lands of men are falling into ruin. Archaeon’s vanguard run riot across Kislev, the once-proud country of Bretonnia has falling into anarchy and the southern lands have been consumed by a tide of verminous ratmen.

It is in this age we follow a deadly campaign unfolding as a brave, and quite fancy band of adventures journey out, as they cling to but one hope. With the Midnight Scroll in their hands, the unlikely band may hold the fate of all. Meanwhile the men of the Empire, the elves of Ulthuan and the dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains fortify their cities and prepare for the inevitable onslaught. They will fight bravely to the last. But in their hearts, they all know that their efforts will be futile.
The Victory of Chaos is inevitable.

These are the End Times

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Journals of the Altdorf Band

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Journals of The Averland Fancypants

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Heads or Tails

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