Leopold Schatterman


180 cm high
140 kg
Constantly darting, curious, intelligent and cold grey eyes
Medium long black hair
Pale of skin
Thin boyish black beard

Grey Order – Apprentice wizard
Rank 1 (9 XP)

Strength 3, Toughness 4, Agility 3, Intelligence 5, Willpower 3, Fellowship 3
Talents: Aethyric attunement (focus)
Skills: Channeling (1), Spellcraft (acquired), Magical sight (1), Education (acquired), Spellcraft (1),
Actions: Cantrip, Channel power, Counterspell, Magic dart, Eye of the beholder, Veil of fear, Doppelganger, Blade in the dark
Fortune: Intelligence (1)


Finally – Ohh yes, it is finally finished! Years of slow study, deep contemplation and hard work is over. And to think I was so close to loosing it all, HAD lost it all… Well now it is found, and I finished it, I wrote my article. I really did it!

Staying up late at night, scribbling, mumbling, cursing and scribbling again, Leopold Schatterman finished his article to the Sun Society, hoping for recognition and social advancement. Such was his ambitions and dreams, that he even forgot his all present hunger, while he pushed on to the first light of dawn. When he looked down at the headline, he even dreamt his work would be recognised as far as to the collages in Altdorf.

A guide to reveal hedge mages
Theorising the possibility of altering how others perceive the effect a medium has on the winds of magic, as well as providing ways to pierce and reveal such wicked illusions.
May The Empire be free of individuals carrying out the illegal acts theorised in this article, and may the swift vengeance of the law find them and hold them accountable for their misdeeds if they try. In the name of Sigmar, blessed be The Empire!

Need it be stated that only the weakest forms of altering the wind of magic perceived was discussed in the Sun Society article, as well as only the weakest methods to pierce those illusions were mentioned?

Leopold Schatterman

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