The Teufeltal (devil’s valley) is a bowl of a valley surrounded on all sides by the high land of the Grey Mountains. Its scrubby hillsides are suitable for little other than sheep farming, though there are a few wineyards around Tallerhof. The Teufel itself flows from beneath the great mountain Frugelhorn and settles in a high lake. From there it flows East and the bursts through the mountains down a spectacular gorge and towards Ubersreik and the great Reik basin.
The Grey Lady Pass road runs alongside Teufel through the valley, until it climbs high into the mountains. This is a route through to Bretonnia. Higher and more treacherous, and often closed in the coldest months, the Grey Lady Pass is not as busy or as famous as Axe Biter Pass further North. It has a reputation for attracting smugglers and other nefarious groups, but it is still an important trading route for the Reikland, and especially for Ubersreik.


Noteworthy Locations:

Schluesselschloss is a somewhat ramshackle stronghold on a small island in the fast flowing moat. Over time wooden watchtowers were added to the initial structure, later rebuild in stone. Over the years more defenses were added and the stronghold grew ever more impressive until it filled the entire island. Its buildings form a veritable labyrinth that spirals around the spike-like island. The Von Schluessel rule here.

Tallerhof is a small village and the only real settlement in the Teufeltal. Apart from being a stopover on the coach route to Bretonnia, Ubersreikers think of it merely as an outpost for shepherds and smugglers.

A dwarf road splits from the Grey Lady Pass in the village and rises towards Karak Azgaraz. It is the key trading route between Ubersreik and the dwarf hold.


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