The Altdorf Band Handbook

Based on experience of the most savvy and well tried adventuring band in Reikland. These valuable pages contain important things to remember for future members of the Altdorf band or adventurers in general.

Bend in the road
Whenever there is a bend in the road be extra alert. Draw swords, if possible scout ahead or hide.
If a coach is encountered after a bend in the road and it is in any sort of disorder, search for any kind of clues. The fate of the empire is likely at stake!

The Well
Whenever a well is encountered pay extra attention. Mutants or Skavens usually hide in wells. Other sinister groups also use wells as the means to poison the local populations. Never leave a well unguarded under any circumstances. Always keep an spare robe so any well can be explored as soon as at all possible.

Use with care, use of flammable material against foes can have a good impact but always backfire. Either by drawing unwanted attention or by leading to dangerous situations where flames spread all too quickly. Almost always in the mist of fighting.

Extra vigilance must be applied against undead foes such as Vampires or Necromancers. Often these are more powerful than they should be. Almost as if some sinister force in the realm favor their existence.

Retreating Bosses
Party members of a near-death condition, may at times find that outside events cause their opponent boss to retreat. A swift follow up on the boss and some well aimed strikes, may at this point be a good way to secure a memorable end to their character.

The Altdorf Band Handbook

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