Crusade of the Child

The Crusade of the Child
Witnesses of Karl’s deeds and divinity quickly flocked to his side, and not long after the he left Marienburg with a sizable force.
During the Dark Elf invasion the crusade played a critical role in taking out Dark Elf Shades and Cosairs skirmishing the southern Reikland.
Their campaign took them to the Grey Lady pass where they helped turn the tide of the Waaagh! in the pass and liberating Teufeltal from the Greenskins.

The Encampment
The encampent is a hodpoge of followers, numbering beyond the thousand. Tents are organized around Karl’s compound. Newer joiners camp in the most outskirts of the mob.
Karl’s compound is enclosed by a white linnen fence. Followers within the compound are more organized and well armed. Karl’s tent is located in the center of the compound.

The crusade is heading towards Altdorf

Crusade Characters
- Karl, Sigmar Incarnate
- Ahmed the Snotty Brat.
- The Fortune Teller.

Crusade Factions
- The Singers of the Holy Word.
- The Burdened Hearts. (rivals of B.O.T.U.W)
- The Brothers of the Unclosed Wound. (rivals of B.H)
- The Fist that Hold the Hammer. (Red Bandannas)
- Reiklanders.
- Middenlanders.

Enemies of the Crusade
- Corial and his Kithband Warriors (plotting to kill Karl)
- Cult of the Three Moons (plotting something about Karl)
- Ghoul Lord Vampire (wanting to kidnap or kill Karl)
- Baroness Theodora Margrave (plotting to kidnap Karl)

Father Helmut
Helmut is the spiritual leader of the crusade, but also represents the crusade to various governments and orders.
He is tall older man and once brawny but now aging warrior build. He was one of the highest ranking priests of Sigmar within Marienburg.
Helmut wears black robes with a blue sash around his waist, if not wearing his full plate armor.
He keeps a copy of “The life of Sigmar” with him at all times, and has quite a book collection. He sometimes wears glasses.
Father Helmut is protected by 6 Temple Guards from Marienburg

Jan Vanderpeer (Dead)
Jan is his mid 40-ies. Short, round and red faced. He is a prosperous Marienburg importer and dress the part.
Jan manages the day to day logistics of the crusade.
Has trade arrangements with Siegfried von Saponatheim.
Jan has a merchant carriage at his disposal and considerable funds. 6 well armed merchant bodyguards protect Jan.

Krieger Brighalter (Dead)
A tall, powerful captain of the sword with sandy hair and a neat beard. Krieger is a stolid, pious man from Bögenhafen. His company was dispatched to arrest the crusade leaders as they passed through the southern reikland. But meeting with Karl just before Ubersreik, he and his men were converted.
He wears a crisp uniform in Reikland colors with a captains braid hanging on his arm. He tour the camp on his trusted steed “Tempest” and command 30 loyal halberdiers

Lord Wilhelm Eisenbach
Tall, heavy-set and red-faced with long neat hair and beard. Countrylord of southern Middenland more concerned with hunting and prize pumpkins than politics.
Wilhelm is the current Military commander and advice Karl on matters of strategy. He has a personal carriage and large tent. Dressed in the finest noble attire.
He command 10 Knights on powerful steeds. They wear fine suits of full plate armor with heraldry of the Eisenbach family. Each knight has a band on their arm with the symbol of the crusade of the child.
20 Spearmen and 20 Bowmen all wearing Middenland Uniforms and heraldry marking them as conscripts.

Father Johannes Seibolt
From Order of the Cleansing Flame formerly plotting to kidnap Karl. Now part of the inner circle of the crusade. Johannes seem fatter than ever before. No doubt his time of leadership has been good to him. With Jan Vanderpeer gone, he has taken over Jan’s duties.

Veteran of the recent chaos incursion and survivor of the fall of Wolfenburg. He has a sizable host of zealots, keeping Karl safe in the encampments.

Crusade of the Child

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