Settlement: Ubersreik
Size: Town/Freistat
Ruler: Emperor Karl-Franz
Local Ruler: Town Council/Graf Siegfried von Sapponatheim
Population: 3,500
Wealth: Level 4
Source: Trade, Agriculture
Notes: Toll Bridge, Local market center

Ubersreik’s Place in the Empire

Ubersreik is a free town of medium size, situated on the River Teufel a little downstream from the Grey Mountains. The town sits astride an important bridge where the road from Bögenhafen to Dunkelburg crosses the river, and trade flows along the road as well as downriver to Auerwald, Grünburg, Kemperbad, and Altdorf. In the mountains to the south-west of the town sits the infamous Castle Drachenfels, and to the south-east is the recently founded small dwarf hold of Karak Azgaraz.

The town is strategically positioned to be a base to protect the Grey Lady Pass, just as Helmgart, further west, protects Axe Bite Pass. Its proximity to the Grey Mountains means that it has a thriving dwarf community, which has grown in recent years because of trade with Karak Azgaraz.

Human prospectors, hunters, and adventurers use the town as a base of operations for expeditions into the Grey Mountains, and the weekly market brings in livestock and produce from half a dozen surrounding villages. Luxury goods such as Bretonnian wine and brandy flow in through the Grey Lady Pass. The town watch is augmented by a small garrison based in Magnus’s Tower, a spectacular structure reputedly commissioned by the Emperor Magnus the Pious more than two hundred years ago.

A Town in Turmoil?

A few years ago, the ruling von Jungfreud family had their authority tempered by the Emperor, and Ubersreik, previously under von Jungfreud control, became a freistadt or free city. Tensions had been growing between Ubersreik and the town of Auerswald downstream, and Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud was accused of fomenting civil war.

Another scandal hit Ubersreik recently when a Chaos cult was discovered operating out of a remote hunting lodge owned by one of the town’s noble families. The cult was wiped out, but the von Bruner family has lost most of its prestige as a result.

Escalating Tensions

Ubersreik was traditionally ruled by the von Jungfreud family, but became a freistadt several years ago as the result of a dispute between Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud and the crown. Suspecting that von Jungfreud had covetous eyes on the Hahnbrand silver mine in the nearby hills, the Emperor dispatched an Imperial judge to Auerswald to report on the situation. The judge immediately began levying punitive taxes on vessels using the River Teufel, severely impacting the economies of Ubersreik and the surrounding area.

The Graf responded by raising more troops and issuing veiled threats against Auerswald. Skirmishes broke out, and for a while it seemed that civil war was inevitable. A last-minute deal between the Emperor and Ubersreik’s town council saw the town become a freistadt, while the von Jungfreuds were ostensibly relieved of the corresponding lands and titles. Some speculate that the von Jungfreuds merely shifted their attention elsewhere, hoping a lighter hand in Ubersreik’s affairs would help cultivate an ambitious, competent leader in the city.

Magnus’s Tower

Ubersreik is a town with a large number of influences. Its position within the Reikland, its proximity to the Grey Mountains, and its situation on the river make it a unique crossroads – different races, cultures, and ideals have helped shape Ubersreik into the town it is today. The town features a number of interesting and unusual locations, to better cater to its eclectic collection of citizens and visitors.

One of its most notable features is Magnus’s Tower, the tallest structure in Ubersreik. It is rumoured, was commissioned by Magnus the Pious himself, as a stone-carved relief by the main door details. The five-storey tower after which the complex is named has a commanding view over the town’s surroundings, and is equipped with a great bellows-operated horn for raising the alarm in the event of an attack. The horn is more than six feet long, and is said to have been cut from the head of a daemon slain during the Great War Against Chaos.

The tower is surrounded by a small castle which includes a parade ground, barracks, stables, armoury, and a smithy capable of making basic repairs to weapons and other equipment. The town garrison consists of twelve detachments of halberdiers, eight units of crossbowmen, and three engineer units trained to use and repair the artillery pieces set along the watch towers. These men all fall under the command of Captain Erwin Blucher. In addition to the standing garrison, many of the townsfolk have received basic training as a reserve force, and can turn out armed with an assortment of weapons if the alarm is raised.

A small detachment of the Reiksguard has its own barracks within Ubersreik, as well. While the Reiksguard have their own responsibilities and duties, they have orders to aid in the defence of Ubersreik if needed. The Reiksguard answer to the local Field Marshal Antonin Sieber, who also serves as a military advisor to Captain Blucher.

Areas of Interest

The Walls

Build by the dwarfs, both walls, gates and the river towers are constructed out of stone with craftmanship only found by dwarfs. These provide the city with sturdy and reliable defenses. These were raised under orders of Magnus the Pious for some reason….

The Docks

The Bridge connects both sides of the docks. Lots of beggars are found around the bridge. They most likely take shelter under it at night.
Besides the Custom house, there are three taverns: The Red Moon Inn, Rugger’s Boarding House and The Dockers’ Arm. The party have also heard a bit about the guilds: The Boatmen’s guild and the Guild of Boatbuilders and Chandlers.

The Artisan Quater

In the Eastern end of the district runs Graf Otto Strasse, commonly known as Wizard’s Way. Besides the grey wizards tower, can be found scibe, component and various curiosity shoppes.
The district also host a lot of crafters, no doubt some guildhouses and accomondations can be found in the Artisan Quater too..

The Dwarf Quater

Ubersreik has been home to a small community of dwarfs since Magnus the Pious, when the Emperor appealed to the dwarfs of the Grey Mountains to help rebuild the city after the Great War against Chaos. It is likely possibly to find some good ale in this district.

The Market Square

Dominating the market square are impressive buildings such as: The Town Hall, The Temple of Sigmar, The Temple of Verena, The Temple of Shallya and the Physicians Guild.
Naturally the market is full of boots and small shops where you can get everything from food, to pottery, odd trinkets and even relived of the burden of heavy coin without even knowing.

The Merchant Quarter

Houses and Offices of various trading families can be found here, maybe a trading guild or two as well. No doubt if de Fromagio are present in Ubersreik, they would be represented somewhere here.

The Precinct

Hosts both the Magnus’s Tower and the Watch Barracs. Found in the West end of town.

The Hill

The North East end of Ubersreik is home to most of the wealthy and nobles. Surly also the very best and most lavish acomondation would be found here.

Morr’s Field

The Graveyard is outside of the city to the south west surrounded by tall aged walls of its own.

The Sewers

All together a nasty and smelly place that discharges into the River Teufel. The sewers are tunnels 3-4 feet in diameter and does not have flanking walkways.

Current Activity in Übersreik.

Following the adventures of the Altdorf band in Übersreik, that started with the ”Edge of Night” and concluded with the marriage of Esmeralda Fenstermacher and Cuthrie von Hammerstat, Siegfried von Sapponatheims hold on power within the Freistat was secure. The competition betwixt the various noble houses had come to a final conclusion, and aided in no small measure by the intrepid adventures, Siegfried von Sapponatheim could get on with the business of governing the city. There had been some problems with the armed forces within the city, especially the Reiksguard stationed there, and S.v.S had had to spread his forces thin as the Emperor requested that armed men be sent towards Altdorf to help in the battle against the Dark Elf raiding forces. But for now the situation in Übersreik had stabilized, and the Sapponatheims had secured to themselves a price to equal that of the greatest noble houses in the Empire.


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